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HDD bios

Mainly for use with divIDE but I hope, it can be used with MB02 (memory paging port/values needs to be changed).

HDD bios can be downloaded here. (8 sectors per track version is here)

BSDOS image patcher

HDD bios needs images of exact size (2MB) and geometry (needs to have 11 sectors on track). If you have diskette-images with different size/geometry you can use image patcher to create new set of images.

It's simple bash script, so it is mainly for linux users.

Bsdos image patcher can be downloaded here.

directory exporter

If you have plenty of diskette images on hdd, you will maybe need this utility which will export directory listings from more images into one compact csv file.

It's a simple php script, so it should be usable for windows ppl too ;].

PHP source of directory exporter can be downloaded here.